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Release Info

Release Notes and Configuration Instructions
August 1, 2017

For all recent core releases. Career Pathways Web Tool "Core" Releases, since 4.0.0 (9-17-2015):

"Core releases" are reflective of the Career Pathways Web Tool project base and not individual installations. All installations that maintain ongoing technical support contracts receive these updates automatically.

Past updates can be found in our Release Notes Archive:

New Video Tutorials
October 2, 2015

There are many new enhancements and improvements to the Career Pathways Web Tool, and to help get you oriented to their functions and use, please utilize our new video tutorials located on our support site:

Webinar & On Site Training Sessions
March 24, 2010

Webinar Training Conferences

Contact us to schedule a customized webinar session for your college or school on topics that meet your training needs.

Email us at

On Site Training Sessions

Customized, regional, on site training sessions are available upon request for both the Roadmap and POST features. If you are interested in coordinating a training in your area, please contact us at

Core 4.3.1 - Oregon Template 1.0.1