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About the Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool Development Project

The Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development (OCCWD) working in partnership with Oregon's 17 community colleges through the Oregon Pathways Alliance developed the Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool to provide visual maps using web technology for students and citizens to learn more about education, training, occupations, careers, and the labor market in Oregon.

We welcome others state agencies, educational institutions, and organizations to download the source code to develop a comparable Web Tool for the students and citizens in their state or region. The Web Tool was developed with funds from the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (US DOL ETA) and the Oregon Community College Strategic Reserve Fund.

Download Source Code

Please complete the following steps to download the Web Tool Source Code:

Installation Requirements

  • Fedora Linux server, or a Windows server
  • Apache 2.0 with mod_rewrite. It may also be possible to run under a server other than Apache.
  • PHP 5.1.6 or later (PHP 5.2 or later recommended)
  • MySQL 5.0 or later
  • Requires the PHP GD module and the Text_Wiki PEAR module.
  • The software requires write permission to several directories. The user running Apache will need write access.

Third-Party Libraries

The Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool uses the following open-source libraries, links are provided to their corresponding licenses.

The following third-party libraries are included in the Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool: The following third-party library must be downloaded separately:


If you would like assistance installing or customizing the software, please contact Sivecki and Associates, LLC for services and rates.


If you are experiencing any difficulty downloading the source code after registering, please contact us through our Help Desk. We will respond within 24 business hours.

Code Modification

According to section 3 C of the license agreement, you are required to provide a copy of any modifications you make back to us. Please fork the code on Github and send a pull request with your changes, or contact us at to arrange other delivery options.

Oregon Career Pathway Statewide Initiative

For more information about the Oregon Career Pathway Initiative go to:
Core 4.3.1 - Oregon Template 1.0.1